Hearts – part 2

All very strange, but I seem unable to add any text to my last post so here goes:

I began this quilt back in March. I’d had a yen to make a pink and white quilt ever since I first saw the Hourglass instructions in Carolyn Forster’s Quilt as You Go book (her’s is in blackprints and white). Completely impractical, really, but never mind. The blocks are machine pieced then hand quilted. Perfect for keeping my hands occupied whilst waiting for Isabella at her various activities, or for all those films at home that I’m not really watching. I was surprised that I didn’t have enough pinks but that’s a good excuse to add to the stash so add I did. Three blocks in and Isabella announced she didn’t like pink any more…

I decided to enter the quilt in the annual quilt show at Aylesford Priory (raising funds for the Heart of Kent Hospice) to give me something to aim for. All wa going well until I began to put the rows together. Quilting the blocks was an easy affair but the sashing was a different affair – all that slipstitching of wadding and backing fabric then quilting too! The quilt went everywhere from children’s activities at Eltham Palace to the car on the way to the Festival of Quilts.  Then I realised I didn’t actually have enough binding fabric so that put me off a little. The night before the quilt was due to be delivered, I was still slipstitching the binding and adding the hanging sleeve, finally finishing at 2.30am. Then it went into the washing machine to get rid of the markers and into the dryer at 3.30am. I staggered off to bed and almost forgot to take pics before delivery. The pic in the previous post was taken at the show itself and was actually my first proper look at it in its entirety.

It’s the first quilt I’ve made with just one block – may not be my last! And despite the amount of quilting involved, it’s only confirmed that I love the look of hand work. 🙂


About sheppeylass

Mum of 4, I live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. I've always sewn but the quilting bug snagged me a couple of years ago and now, with the encouragement of my artist husband, I'm spreading my wings into textile art.
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1 Response to Hearts – part 2

  1. stashmaker says:

    Hahahaha!!! I did laugh about the bit when Isabella said she didn’t like pink anymore, Reb said that to me a few times!! Well done for finishing it, it is beautiful and well worth staying up in the small hours to get it finished!! LOL!!

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