More procrastinating….

As usual when there is a deadline, I seem to find all sorts of ways of avoiding it. Tomorrow, I need to post a strip depicting a slice of photo and the fabrics needed to make more strips…instead, I’ve been “thinking” while my fingers have made others things!

This month’s Craftsy blocks are coming along – I can’t believe how long it takes to prepare those hexagons…

The PP forum’s Journals needed updating as I was 2 months behind. For March, I asked Isabella to use transfer crayons to sketch her sister’s visit to the orthodontist. I then added an image of an xray of braces and missing teeth. It was such a long day that when we got back from the hospital, I did some Craftsy BOM sewing and in the evening, I went to my local quilt group, Pieceful Patchers. There, I did some  hand sewing on a miniature foundation crazy block.That also incorporated 2 monthly techniques (Feb – crayons and March – miniature) so I was on a roll.

April was very simple in comparison. I made a sketch from a photo I took at the Island’s annual Good Friday procession at Bunny Bank and FMQ’d it onto calico.

Both pages have their grommets fitted ready for when I get around to making a book to keep them in…

I’ve also made an atc and bookmark but you’ll need to wait until Tessa receives them for me to post pictures! Now I suppose, I’d better get back to that strip…


About sheppeylass

Mum of 4, I live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. I've always sewn but the quilting bug snagged me a couple of years ago and now, with the encouragement of my artist husband, I'm spreading my wings into textile art.
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