Oh dear…

the mad women!

Can it really be two whole weeks since FOQ???? I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed catching up with my forum friends…oh, yes and shopping! There have been so many pics on other blogs that I won’t bore you with mine, except one of Gillian Cooper’s installation, “Unsung Muses”

DH and the two younger girls came too but they went off and did their own thing (Sea Life, The Think Tank and Cadbury World) while I was oggling quilts and wondering if I’ll ever come up to that standard…although little one is now officially a young quilter and planning an entry for next year so I may just have to join her. 🙂

All 4 of us headed to Alton Towers on the Sunday and had a wonderful time. DD2 took herself off and managed to all the big rides as a single rider, meeting up with us for lunch. Little one had a wonderful time and they both

ended up drenched with their dad on the water rides! (Yes, I’m afraid I opted out!)

Then there were all the preparations for the Muddlarks summer production at Sheppey Little Theatre. DH started the drama group a couple of years ago and DD1 came home for a week to help out. Little one opened the show too! 🙂 No photo’s I’m afraid but she was fantastic! (And so was everyone else, especially her big sister and dad – oh and DD2’s music…:) )

DS came home for the performance on the Saturday and brought his girlfriend home to meet us. I’m sure she had been expecting the drama to be on stage and not here in the house too! 😉


About sheppeylass

Mum of 4, I live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. I've always sewn but the quilting bug snagged me a couple of years ago and now, with the encouragement of my artist husband, I'm spreading my wings into textile art.
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2 Responses to Oh dear…

  1. Kerstin says:

    Hi Fiona, yes a full two weeks since the FoQ. Time sure flys fast.
    looks like the rest of your family had a great time also.

    hugs Kerstin

  2. maggi21 says:

    It certainly does seem a long time ago. I loved Gillian’s gallery. Gad that you had a good time at Alton Towers, I used to cycle there from Stoke as an 11 yr old which was long before they had all the rides! Sounds like you have had a really busy time since and glad the show was a success.

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