New Postcards and other swaps

I know I’ve been rather tardy lately in showing off some of the lovely swaps I’ve taken part in so these photos go back a couple of months :Ruth's card

This is the cute card which accompanied Ruth’s charm squares as part of my ebay forum’s swap. Each month, we’ve exchanged 9 squares and then made an altered 9-patch each. Now I need to decide what to make…I had thought of using some to make some more Blankets of Love but since someone mentioned a floor cushion, I’m wondering about a bolster to hold some of the many fleeces currently piled on the end of a certain teenager’s bed!

This one isn’t mine (or even for me!) but since I talked Gabi into taking part in my yahoo group’s art swap I got to see the fantastic piece Jytte made for her:Jytte for Gabi

This is the one which Rosemary made for me:

The brief for this swap was that it had to include at least one recycled object, be about 10″ square and reflect an aspect of the maker. Rosemary chose to paint an iris on leftover silk and was inspired by the gardens at Givenchy, where she spent time whilst on holiday. What she didn’t know was that irises are actually my all-time favourite flower!

At last, a postcard! This is “Y for yesteryear” from the lovely Jan as past of an alphabet swap. I sent these yellow yo-yo’s to Caz :(yes, I know they are really Suffolk Puffs but I was desperate, having already used fabric with yachts as “B for boats”!)

The Popular patchwork forum has begun another postcard swap. I like making postcards as they are small enough to do quickly but still be satisfying (rather like the old Cadbury’s fudge advert?) May’s first swap theme was Hats due to a certain wedding. I sent this one off to Anna:

Margaret sent me this one:

The theme for June was “Men” so I sent this to Cathy in New Zealand :

Recently, I’ve been referring to myself as an “Airfix Widow”…since I gave DH a kit at Christmas, he’s been obsessed! We have dozens on display, far more piled in boxes to make. I could go on but then he’d probably mention something about fabric and stashes…:) Anyway, I used an extra bit of kit on the postcard after DH suggested it so it can have its uses!

This is the card which Helen sent to me :

This month’s theme is the Olympics. Tessa sent me a card with the 5 rings:

And I sent this one in return:

Both my son and middle daughter sail, although DD2 is kayaking tomorrow at Reading in the Area competition for Sea Cadets. Last week, she also competed in sailing and was happy with the result although happier to win the yoling event once more! I think that means she’ll be off to the National competition in September. 🙂 (And yes, DD1, I know that you sailed before either of them!)

Phew, enough of a catch up session for now, I think! DD1 has sent a text to say her coach is finally leaving London to travel back to Scotland. DD2 is to be at the unit for 6am(!) and little one has church parade for the last time as a Rainbow tomorrow. Afterwards, providing the weather is dry, we’re hoping to visit the Artists in the Woods at Oare. Have a fun Sunday too. 🙂


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Mum of 4, I live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. I've always sewn but the quilting bug snagged me a couple of years ago and now, with the encouragement of my artist husband, I'm spreading my wings into textile art.
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