Hearty Quilt Show

I’m a very happy bunny today – I finally finished this quilt yesterday morning, just in time to deliver it to the Hearty Quilters Show at Aylesford! It’s called “Homecoming” and was a pattern from an Australian magazine, probably Homespun , that I began last year. I made it for mySea Cadet daughter and quilted that information into the outer border so that it doesn’t requre a traditional label. She didn’t know it was finished until she saw it hanging today….

It was a good show , with  lots of lovely quilts to admire.It was held in a barn on the Friars priory and lots of quilts were displayed up high too – bit of a crick in the necktime but gorgeous nonetheless! Several of Bright Headland Quilters put items in – including the cushion on the right, which was made by Sylvia.

This beauty was made by Diana, from Pieceful Patchers in Sittingbourne. It had a special place as I  had managed to leave it behind when deliveringthe quilts and when I took it today, it got  hung  outside beside the entrance.   Apprently, it normally lives in a bag in the loft….

 This is the Bright Headland Quilters group quilt -it’s our first effort as we only began in March. It was good to hear positive comments on it today! (The centre panel depicts the garrison at Garrison Point,or the Bright Headland which is the meaning of Sheerness.)

Once home this afternoon, I went down to Peabeas as I had a sad job to do -collecting all the magazines I’ve had stored at the shop. Not sure where I can find room for them here either! There’s a fabric sale beginning on Monday for anyone close enough to visit -the shop is closing on the 14th. The group will still be able to meet but we’ll miss all Gabi’s fabrics!


About sheppeylass

Mum of 4, I live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. I've always sewn but the quilting bug snagged me a couple of years ago and now, with the encouragement of my artist husband, I'm spreading my wings into textile art.
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1 Response to Hearty Quilt Show

  1. Kerstin says:

    what a beauty. I love the Quilt you did. The others are pretty also.
    You are all so lucky to have as many shows to go to.


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