Meet Scarlett!

Nine days of hard graft but here she finally is! And I sincerely hope that my darling daughter does not ever want to make another one….ever…..

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Young Quilters

 Isabella went to Young Quilters in Dartford yesterday, which is an 80 mile round trip for us but she really enjoys it. This is the fantastic bag she made this time, complete with spider!

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More makes!

I was busy last Sunday (today has been busy but not much actually finished!) Here are some of the finished articles:

This is an advent calendar, which is on its way to Spain for my son’s girlfriend who is studying in Alicante.  An easy panel to put together and finished with some hand quilting.

 This is my latest Trip Around The World postcard, which went to Jan. I adapted Gail Lawther’s instructions from her book about her trip to New Zealand.

 And here is a Tinkerbelle cushion cover with some freemotion quilting to highlight the design. This was a replacement for a gift made a few years ago but which has been loved to destruction!

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Sunglasses required!

This is the Nine Patch Star which I made for Jan as her friendship block. She requested bright colours, so I obliged….. :)

And sent it off. Then realised it wasn’t actually what she asked for….oh , dear. So I began again….Just as bright! :)

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Craftsy BOM (October)

Wow, I’ve actually managed to finish this month’s blocks before the middle of the month! ImagePaper-piecing this time… and my points still are not perfect! Ah, well…Not TOO much unpicking this month either, so happy there too. :)


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Autumn Swaps

This is my Australia postcard to Katy as part of the PP forum’s Trip Around the World. I’d been agonising over the theme for ages then remembered the perfect piece of fabric in my stash – even better that it didn’t need any embellishment!

This was also made from another “perfect” piece of fabric – a little flower atc for Jan, with a button bought many years ago.Boy, was I on a roll here : this is the friendship block which I sent to Chris.So I carried on and made row 4 for the PP monthly quilt.



It’s been fun having squishies arrive in return too! Here is Carol’s Australia card:

And Jytte’s beautiful China one: And finally, Katy’s pretty little flower atc :

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Blocks, blocks and more blocks…

Actually, not THAT many but it felt like it!

September’s Craftsy BOM used the drunkard’s path blocl. Now, I really don’t like sewing curves. I’ve tried various methods over the years but I decided I would follow the instructions given and have yet another go. All right, I kept delaying starting until it wasn’t even September any more but I eventually managed to produce 32 of those little curved pieces (16 in each block). They didn’t look too bad. Then I put them together into their respective blocks…and they do! But they’re done and I’ll be able to move onto October’s blocks with a clear conscience. And know that I’ve given that method a good attempt and will now stick to interfacing and applique in future….

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365 Sheppey

In 2011,  the Jeferies family took part in a local photography project which aimed to take a picture featuring the Isle of Sheppey every day of the year. We did rather well and had lots posted on the website. It was fun looking at the island in a new light and to find different ways to depict the everyday.

Today, I took Isabella over to the setting up of an exhibition of the photos as the BBC were filming an item.

It’s part of the Sheppey Promenade 2012 (

Isabella had the camera with her – she’s very enthusiastic and I’m very grateful for the advent of digital…. This is what she got her eye on…..

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Belmont Country Fair 2012

The last post showed pics from Hever last Friday. On the Sunday, we visited a traditional country fair held on an old estate near Faversham. Isabella had a wonderful time – horses, dogs, ferrets, a magic show, archery , falconry – and we enjoyed the beautiful gardens and a delightful day outside, not to mention some wonderful venison burgers and cakes and the cheeses and fudge which came home with us! :)

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It’s been a very busy summer! I may eventually find the time to share some pictures but in the meantime, here are just a few from the past week:

My son asked for a new BRIGHT cushion to replace one which had somehow found its way onto a barbeque. I think this wonderful batik fitted the bill, especially when combined with an orange fleece backing.

Isabella and I took friends to visit the annual quilt show at Hever Castle. Unfortunately, I can’t show pictures of the quilts without written permission so here are some of Isabella instead! One shows her beside a photo of herself, taken at a Young Quilters workshop. The other is of her enjoying the water maze.

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